About Us

CLAY came to life in late 2018 when former members from both Skulls Free and JAHN decided to branch out and create their own band. The original band members consisted of Daniel Fröjd-Wassberg on bass, Daniel Nordström on Guitar and Jonathan Fjällström on drums. The band met up and had their first session in november 2018 and then recorded their first demo november 2019 and a second demo in February 2020. During the fall of 2020 the band went into the studio for the first time. During this time the band parted with their singer, due to personal reasons. The guitarist and bassist Daniel and Daniel decided to share the spot for vocals on the debut EP. In April 2021 the band finally released their debut EP called Plague

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Jonathan Fjällström
Daniel “Danken” Nordström
Daniel Fröjd-Wasberg
Tom Kristoffersson